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Silk Festival, Tradition, a Confidant and the Annual Red Cross, Khon Kaen Province Article

Silk Festival, Tradition, a Confidant and the Annual Red Cross, Khon Kaen Province

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Posted: 03 Dec, 2010
by: Nayika N.
Updated: 28 Sep, 2012
by: Nayika N.

          Silk Festival in Khon Kaen and the Red Cross. Or popularly called the "Silk festival" or "Silk bazar" or "Silk season" or "Red Cross" was first held in 2522 (1979) in the reign of his experience as governor Pojana province. The event will have booths to display products made of silk and silk of the government and private interests to sell them. The display or performance of an annual public enterprise companies, banks and private organizations. In the form of a mobile exhibition. Also at the pavilion on the competition with outstanding performance in the traditional silk weaving, which has won four awards. The second runner-runner at third and an honorable mention.

          Later in the year 2523 (1980) the province has added a traditional festival. This new name. "Silk Festival, Pook Xiao and the annual Red Cross Khon Kaen province year ... " by organizing an annual basis. During the period November 29 to December 10 of each year. The front area of ​​Khon Kaen town hall. This is an annual event held in Khon Kaen province. With the support of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. And outreach and is known by tradition, a confidant A group of Thai cultural traditions of Laos. Or about the past, but today the word "Xiao" is "crony" in the sense of a dear friend who died from san's life. Joint pain and pleasure. Treated with the same life. She came into contact with the support and help each other all the time. People who will be paired with a male she would have sex with the woman of camaraderie. Similar tastes. Born the same year. Have similar personalities. Parents that children will love to tie thearms in front of adults. Training for me. The two will be the same until she is no longer alive. Nothing was taken from them, even death. This engagement not only with a couple of comronly. If there is a commitment to the family and among relatives of the couple.


         For this festival,Tradition, a confidant Province and the Red Cross Khon Kaen Province Annual 2554.  Mr. Sombat Treewat-suwan,  Governor of Khon Kaen province, said that in conjunction with the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) office destination. Provincial Administration Organization (PAO), Manchester and the private sector held on 29 November -10 December 2554 a total of 12 days, 12 nights at the front area of ​​Khon Kaen town hall. This is an important annual event of the province in early winter. About the festival. Tradition, a confidant and the Red Cross Province.  Has held since 2522, the year will be a great procession, as well as a cultural event at the E-saan traditions and cultural heritage, as she bound together for several generations of people in the Northeast. And honor the King 84th Birthday Anniversary of items donated to the Red Cross to help victims. The festival this year. Khon Kaen is no admission charge at all. Welcome to American tourists, according to tradition, after the harvest. This year, hundreds of thousands of acres of paddy fields were damaged. And the destination faced with flooding for a month.

          Activities throughout 12 days 12 nights will be on display from the country's leading artists. About the music culture. Arts and Culture Music Competition binding Xiao, a mandoline, a reed mouthorgan, a votes E-saan and a long drum competition at Confidant  Hall. Also at silk pavilion. A collection of beautifully patterned silk in Khon Kaen in the Northeast and were displayed and sold in this festival. OTOP products as well as many. Along with the beauty pageant is like Khon Kaen who is a young woman in the Khon Kaen area only No wiring is needed at the Championships, was joined on stage beauty contest striking beauty. The contest is one of Thailand's most beautiful woman. Welcome to the Red Cross and join us in Tara Cross luck. Win prizes with the private sector associations and the media in Khon Kaen. Donated prizes and supported the Red Cross, Khon Kaen is a lot more.  

          This event aims to showcase the unique beauty of the silk of the destination. Which can be considered as a source of silk and the most beautiful part of Thailand. To promote and preserve local traditions and the more widely known is "the tradition of a comrade" an expression of love and commitment as a friend. Ready to help each other like brothers, or die. A crony tie held at the Xiao Pavilion in the area of the Cultural Center, where the PAO. Khon Kaen is the responsible agency. It also provides for the Red Cross to assist the province. This is a major relief to the poor. And the public service. And in public affairs. The primary mission of the province to allow people to relax after harvest to produce products sold in the year.  The support of government policy. Published the results of various projects such as community OTOP products are produced and sold products to the contest, as well as promote tourism. The traditional East to remain beautiful forever. Activities of the Red Cross. This year's award to Tara Cross has joined the Red Cross. The prize from the electrical appliances, motorcycles and many other prizes.   

          Khon Kaen provincial governor said that the main purpose of such. The festival this year. A strong emphasis on business, Product designers both Thais and foreigners come to visit and see the beauty of silk and silk production, Khon Kaen. Development of quality standards and export patterns, and the garment. Or products from a variety of formats. It is well known to Thais and foreigners. The highlight of the festival is held on December 5, 2554, the ceremony of candle finish loading. Sign in His Majesty' s 84 years and  MF spark fireworks grand and beautiful.

          Khon Kaen provincial governor said a further confirmation that The festival this year will be great all those years ago. Traditions and cultures of destination. In particular, a crony tie traditions at the Art and culture Hall which the great and holy even more. So Xiao-binding to be chum. Rather she is the word "Xiao" is not plain language of the E-saan by our means. Friend ever. This will be the children of parents who both work with the family she was a parent. He was known by the children. That will help each other through the so-called crony This year she will be joining a pair of doubles and a pair of 89 she was 9 years old with a very auspicious number in honor to our King. It also has a blog contest Baisi. About the beauty pageant. And watch the opening ceremony of great pageantry and beauty of the districts and agencies. Each train will be decorated. Activities in the community consists of all products (OTOP), the work area around the hall like. OTOP products and community centers. A product that is the name of the location. In addition to the exhibition booths of government agencies in 26 districts and the exhibition of the private sector. SME and consumer product categories of Corrections. Silk and silk products sold from the exhibition. Competition silk. The silk batik. Weaving loom. The Mud Mee silk. Enjoy the music of singer Music - string name, the Singer and dance performances of the every night.

         The provincial governor said  "The key to this festival every year, Khon Kaen has a policy to make annual Khon Kaen is "Non-alcoholic beverages" of all the provinces to pilot and support activities of the Bureau of National Health. The work area will not allow vendors to sell alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. If the violation will be prosecuted. Legal firm. And the province will not get the support of the alcoholic beverages as well."

The PAO. Khon Kaen Provincial Secretary Mr. O. national descent. Khon said that the PAO. Khon Kaen in charge of the cultural hall for a crony. The financial support of over 3 million, which is part of the Red Cross in Bangkok. PAO. To support the other two hundred and activities. For example, was a culture of crony Contest between Pan Baisi and groom Ben. Folk music contest. Competition silk. The silk batik. Weaving loom. The Mud Mee silk. During the tutorial, singing creates major baby products. The show about a lullaby. Archives me. Archives ways to promote tourism. The documentary film, Khon Kaen in the "happy with the PAO. Khon Kaen" a stage show king cobra village of Ban Kok Sanga district, Nam Phong, Thailand, the presence of young turtles from the village of Ban Kok, A. Mancha Khiri and baking. Khon Kaen to Muzzle competition this season. PAO. Welcome to the sixth annual 2554 Cup race at the front all the PAO's. And good enough. (House) in front of the community. In summary, this year's cultural activities for PAO. Welcome to the daytime. And night

The schedule of Khon Kaen's Silk Festival, Phuk Sieo Tradition and Red Cross Fair, 2011
November 29th, 2011 front City Hall, Khon Kaen Provincial Office
12.30 p.m.   The parade ( starting from Tessaban Suan Sanuk School and parade to the Khon Kaen Provincial Office )
02.30 p.m.   Local music performance at the center stage
05.00 p.m.   Opening Ceremony
05.35 p.m.   Phuk Siao Tradition at Sala Phuk Siao
06.10 p.m.   Silk Fashion Show at Sala Mai 

    Silk festival, Tradition, a confidant and the annual Red Cross Khon Kaen Province 2553

              For the Silk festival, Tradition, a confidant tie and the Red Cross Khon Kaen Province Annual 2553. Mr. Sombat Treewat-suwan, Governor of Khon Kaen. The focus of the event was to showcase the unique beauty of the silk of the destination. It was a source of silk and the most beautiful in Thailand. To promote and preserve local culture and tradition to maintain, and has been known more widely. The other one was. Tradition, a confidant the expression of love and commitment as a friend. Ready to help each other like brothers or friends die. They helded at a Xiao Pavilion in the area of Culture Hall where the administration of the province was responsible.


          The Governor of Khon Kaen said that a festival liked this was the mission of the province. People who wanted to relax after the harvest and production of products sold in the annual event. The supported of government policy. Public worked projects such as community products. Products, the One Tambon One Product (OTOP) competition and productivity products, including the promotion of tourism. The traditional East to remain beautiful forever. For silk and silk products were on display at around the City Hall and distributed from within the work area.

          In addition, Khon Kaen provincial governor said about the festival. A strong emphasis on business. Product designers. Both Thais and foreigners come to visit. To see the quality. The beauty of silk. Production processes and products made of silk of the province. Developing quality standards and export patterns and to clothing. Or products from a variety of formats. It is well known to Thais and foreigners.


          Highlights of the work is dated December 5, 2553, the ceremony of candle victory today. On the eve of His Majesty the King's 5 States and MF fireworks spark big and beautiful. This year there will be a couple of Xiao the number of 9 Xiao VIP and general couples of Xiao who wish to join in this year's the number of 83 couples as an auspicious year for the honor of our King.



There is also a contest Pan Bai. And Miss Mai, Khon Kaen.         

For the opening ceremony parade. Have a great and beautiful. The procession of the district and other agencies which each train will be decorated. The band has won international Technology School of the Northeast. Leadership formation



         Activities in the festival, OTOP shops all around the hall from the work area. It is the center of OTOP products. And the community. As the name of the province were also exhibition booths and activities of government agencies in 26 districts of the exhibition of the private sector. Distribution of SME. And Corrections. Silk and silk products sold on the exhibition. Contest silk. The batik silk. Weaving loom The Mud Mee silk.

Enjoy the music of the famous singer. Go Back Singer of the famous Performing Arts Music


          The festival this year, Khon Kaen's policy is to provide annual Khon Kaen is the "free spirits" in all cases to a provincial pilot and a great supporter of the National Health Promotion Agency. The work area will not allow the merchants. Go to the sale of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted by the law firm. The province did not receive support from the beverage company. Alcohol of all kinds as well." the provincial governor, Khon Kaen said.
          "It also provides the revenue of the Red Cross Province. This is the main organizations of the poor relief. And a public affairs and other public activities of the Red Cross this year, it will be great prizes for people to support the Red Cross. Big lottery win for the Red Cross, especially the tail premium for each ฿ 20 ticket price, ฿ 20 is the grand prize. Car pick-up with 2 new vehicles with a prize being awarded to an Isuzu pickup a Mac Titanium Super Space cab prizes worth 562,500 baht per second prize with a prize of an Isuzu pickup trucks. ASUS's Super Alloy Titanium single prize worth 507,500 baht, winning three of the four have won a Yamaha motorcycle. Prize valued at 43,000 baht, winning four of six gold awards. Prize valued at ฿ 20,000 prize at the fifth and sixth gold awards. Prizes worth 10,000 baht, winning six awards, 20 gold. Prize valued at ฿ 5,000 reward to risk a number of times with the third prize is 250 gold. Prizes worth a total of 1,250 288 1,834,500 Baht prize money for winning the lottery, please put a number to match the number won at Khon Kaen City Hall on or before April 10, 2554, which was. Prize must pay tax under the law."


Red Cross Winnig the Lottery ณ    

          Mr. Pongthep Musigade, Deputy Chief Executive of the PAO said Office of the Provincial Administrative Organization of Khon Kaen province responsible for part of  the Culture Hall, a confidant supported by a budget of over 2 million baht  in tourism activities and homestay. And documentary films about tour Khon Kaen. And the Red Cross of Khon Kaen Province also budget supported 200,000 baht

Written by: Nayika Derdkhuntod

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