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Local food of E-Saan people Article

Local food of E-Saan people

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Posted: 14 Jul, 2010
by: Nayika N.
Updated: 12 Nov, 2011
by: Nayika N.

          From past to present. Traditional Thai dishes are served with a pair of Thai culture. In the early stages of the food. Traditional food is considered normal in human life. Because of that, people are living. Need to seek out food to nourish the body. The food source can include swamp forest, river, creek canal, lake and sea, etc. This is because natural areas are an important food source for humans to seek out human food.

          It is known that Thailand is located in tropical areas. Abundance and biodiversity. There are many types of plants and animal species. As a source of natural foods that are just a few of the world.

          Studies of the Division of Botany. Department of Agriculture Has compiled a list of local vegetables each sector. Except for the central region. The taxonomy and identification of plant specimens in the museum of plants. The survey found that The vegetables consumed in the north of the northeastern region of 120 130 species, only one province of Udon Thani. The vegetables that people consume 158 to 120 of the south of this type of study, Christiane Jacquat Gianni Bertossa botanists and archaeologists. (Archaeobotany) from Switzerland. To explore the local vegetable market sold in different regions of Thailand and the Ethnobotanical study (Ethnobotany)  found that plants native types to 240 types of vegetables are brought to the Food and Drug Administration of  up to 200 kinds of flowers, 24 kinds of plants are wrapped tightly bound of the 14 species, and serve, the other two types of information that can be seen. Thai food is an important food source for many people. The entomologist and insect taxonomy collection was found. The role of insects in Thailand to 800,000 species of insects as pollinators and plants. Honey bee wax used to make royal jelly wax the silk helps control insect populations. Enhance soil fertility. Educational experience and beneficial food. 

Local food of E-Saan people                                                                                                                                                                   

          The terrain of the Northeast plateau. There are high mountains in some places, such as the Phu Phan mountain range, Phanom Dong Rak mountain range, Dong Phaya Yen mountains and the river flows into the Buffalo River into the Mekong River. The natural vegetation of the forest in the mountains. And fish from the river that can be consumed as staple food as well. There are a lot of fish during the season where people will bring the fish to be eaten throughout the year. Additionally, the Isaan people eat meat, fish and vegetables. Are also commonly eaten by insects. There are many types of insects that are edible. During the rainy season there is a lot of insect pests living in the water in the soil and the trees as a parody of that. And people make fun of it. "E-Saan people eat everything that has wings except the aircraft".

          Shown that insects are important food sources of the East. Insects that live in water, such as insects, this lean, insects made ​​a chain of insect-headed buffalo, insects are a pest Tabetea insects that live in soil, such as insects, colander Jim Poe on cricket skills he's Lon moths, grasshoppers, insects in the tree like anything from insects to. the nutritional value. Such as protein, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can replace good. Food to another of the east is a forest of trees that are prepared to papaya fruit plants like   papaya salad such as Santol, banana, star apple, and gooseberry. Fruit forests, some of the wine as Hmakemea wine, etc. 

          Northeast is known as the jasmine rice in Thailand. And the bar turned to farming the natural way of producing quite a lot. The food of the East will have a variety of cooking methods. From the collection of nutritionists found. Traditional method of cooking is about more than 17 treatments including boiling hot little curry powder Sub indirect deep pounding steamed, grilled, Hon Jinan warm toast curry,   curry savings, cover, boiled cook, spicy minced meat or fish salad, little raw meat, meal, Sub, steaming, pounding, roasted, Hon fishgrilled, curry put a little water, and cooked in bamboo.


              And then divided into hundreds of traditional recipes. Taste salty and spicy and east. The salty taste is superior to others, even the spicy green papaya salad with salty, sour later. The food is not wasted on the east. However, consumption of rice. The concentration of the salty and spicy flavors. The food is usually eaten with a little water, less suitable for rice-based dip. I used coconut milk in the curry about the food that is recognized and known by almost a week of Thai Salad with grilled chicken, minced meat, meat semi-cooked and raw. Additionally, the E-saan food combinations of food culture with neighboring countries including Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, such as Kgawpugn or Knmesgn (noodles), Virgil (Vietnamese noodle), rice slurry (Ginkgo Jub Vietnam), and Steaming pot of Vietnamese snacks, etc.

Research related to local food Northeast

Kuntawee Wiwatpanit (2542) conducted a study of anthropology and nutrition. "Insect food of the future" in BE 2540 at a village in the province of Ubon Ratchathani. The villagers led to 44 species of insects consumed by the source address of each insect species. How to hunt insects. Style of cooking is different.

In the year 2541-2543, together with the Office of Primary Health Care to work with Primary Health Care Training and Development department has four research and development of the subject. "The study of indigenous knowledge a case study of Thai traditional food sector 4 " in 10 communities found that local food is very traditional roles. The interesting case is as follows.

Kaleang Community, Kudbak District, Sakon Nakhon Province

          Researchers have identified merit into 2 types were philanthropy as a whole and philanthropy within the family and kinship. Merits of each type, there are clear guidelines is directed by knowledge related to food and ceremonial role as a party game and party people. They have to rely on the cooperation of the community as a kind of merit and the role that was handed down by a desire to make a good combination to create a learning community. The life I love to be enveloped by thousands of procedures a linear relationship to become one indistinguishable from the proportion of the overall life of the community. I will circulate to the various traditions around the year. The food and beverage offerings for sacrifice rituals. The hidden meaning to my life as well as collectors. Miss penalty for the priests. The old patriarch. I promise you. Exorcise Ancestral spirits and ghosts are friendly. As well as to mental stability. Create their own. If a religious ceremony at a private wedding reception for the new home Baisi welcome back. Beginning a new life. The morale and build a good relationship with each other. I also have a tradition called "Lawan" and to work among the people there will do well to nurture a culture of philanthropy Taa Hag. The traditional food made in favor of the three different types of food used for the present. Frozen food is a ghost in Tai Wai and pet food for the people. The ceremonies will include food and fresh food, dry food, liquor, cigarettes, betel betel nut wrapped candy as the seasonal fruits. And foods derived from nature. If the parties present, and raising the people's ceremony. Food is well-chosen. Most often used on meat, pork, cattle, poultry and fish, such as steamed fish, chicken curry Spicy Minced duck tails, cooked meats, meat station OM - grilled The desserts include a steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf bundle, a bundle of rice porridge, pumpkin sago hoary but one can not do without the alcohol.

Kut Chieng Mee Community, Ubonrat District, Khon Kaen Province

          They have a tradition that favors Heet Sib Song or twelve months merit. Starting from the first month is "Bun Kow Kam". The second month is "Bun Koon Laan". The third month is "Bun Kow Jee" The fourth month is "Favors the West". The fifth month is "Songkran in favor". The sixth month is "Bun Baag Fai". The seventh month is "Bun Berg Ban". The eighth month is "Buddhist Lent Merit". The tenth month is "Bun Kow San". The eleventh month is "End of Buddhist Lent Merit". And the twelveth month is "Kathina and Loy Kra Tong".   The aim of each is good overall. It has inherited the family tradition of philanthropy as well. The reward will be to continue to enjoy well-being is also to dispel bad luck away from you. S appeal to people from home and of charity to those who are dead and I will succeed in the world and people like Bun Bang Fai is a religious ceremony to Phaya Tan as a sacrifice to the sky for rain that is mainly divided into four parts, is there a monk, parties in the family, distributed to relatives and friends, and dedicate merit to the deceased. Foods that are cultured in a ceremony that will be indispensable. Particular merit in the fourth and sixth month I was Knmesgn or noodles. They were believed to have a long life. For dessert you can not live without rice is a steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf bundle, a steamed glutinous rice add coconut milk wrapped, shredded rice grain,and Ladcheag. Especially a steamed glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf bundle, the villagers believe that who ate the harmony and will take the group's unity in partisan, purposes is another merit for eating together is an opportunity for friends and relatives near and far come together to share the same currency and sharing all suffer and happy collaboration. Savory cooking for  the present. The strategies that people have known. The family have something to share together and merit raise spirits were a ghost Taa Hag, ghost house household god, and ghosts Phaya Tan demonstrate that commitment and respect for ancestors and sacred nature. that will help protect both people and nature to. 

Written by Nayika Derdkhuntod 

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