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E-saan local food Article

E-saan local food

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Posted: 05 Apr, 2010
by: Nayika N.
Updated: 28 Sep, 2012
by: Nayika N.

          If the local food. Many people would know about familiar food as well as E-saan food. And taste and then some more or less. The Northeast has a simple lifestyle. As with any diet is only 2-3 dishes in each meal. E-saan food is different from other traditional food of the region tend to eat everything that is local. To live according to the nature of the Northeast.


        E-saan people is seeking something different. That can be adapted to local food. Of the findings of Paweenapas Kalmsiri (2547) found that the diet of Taonor village in Sila sub-district, Muang district, Khon Kaen, there are 5 ways to keep the forest hunting for exchange. Crops and livestock and the purchase of each meal, the vegetables need to be a major component. And meats such as fish, chicken, cattle, and insects as food for the taste of the East.  I relish the most delicious. Which means spicy and salty flavor to the sour charm of Isaan food is cooked to raw materials. The food is not the lack of fish due to the preservation of ancestral wisdom of the East. The fish used as food of all types. As central to Thai fish sauce.

The meaning and nature of local food.

           Local food means food that people consume on a daily basis and consumers on different occasions. Based ingredients. The materials were prepared from various sources. From the natural environment. With the collection of forest hunting and fishing. And the production itself, such as farming and animal husbandry. Or from the exchange. The process was unique. The taste is a different place.

          Local food is consumed in daily life and special occasions. Each local area will have a meal varies, like the Northeast that breakfast called "Khao Ngai", lunch called "Khao Suay", and dinner called "Khao Lang". That was drought in the north called the breakfast was "Khao Ngai", lunch called "Khao Ton", and dinner called "Khao Lang".  While the Southern called breakfast was "Khao Huo Chao" lunch called "Khao Wan Thieng", and dinner called "Khao Wan Yen" and so on for other sectors do not differ much. And food consumption such as food during their religious traditions. The tradition of philanthropy in the opportunity for philanthropy to a new home for the wedding and during the course of the change of life or illness etc.

Written by: Nayika Derdkhuntod

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